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10 Ways to Incorporate the 2014 Color of the Year into Your Home

Out with Emerald Green of 2013, make room for Radiant Orchid. Purple will be the name of the game next year, according to Pantone's color-trend prediction, which says "Radiant Orchid" will be everywhere. Work the hue into your home with these vibrant elements.


1. Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are perfect for a splash of color. They can be moved

from room to room for different looks. Plus they can be easily

recovered when the 2015 color makes its debut.



2. Decorative Vases

If you love your white roses, then keep them in a

Radiant Orchid vase. Simple, easy and chic.



3. Throw Pillows

The perfect solution for adding the color of the year because

you can find them in all shapes, sizes, textures and fill.



4. Art

If you can’t find that perfect print, swing by a craft store grab some canvas and Radiant

Orchid paint and let your kids create for you a custom art piece that you will treasure for years to come.



5. Cookware

Have a wedding present to give this year? Make it even more sentimental

by giving cookware in the color of the year they were married!



6. Lamps

Got an old brass vase you hate? Spray paint it in a beautiful shade of Radiant

Orchid for a DIY fix to add the 2014 color of the year to your home.



7. Bedding

Duvets are great for adding in some variety because they can be easily changed out and you can

find affordable options. Switch them out for the season to add some transition to your décor.



8. Dessert Plates

Have white dishes? Mix the neutral with accent plates or dessert

plates to make your table setting dramatic and different.



9. Window Treatments

If you want to add some rich color to your room

this color will definitely make a statement.



10. Flowers

Whether you prefer fresh or the kind you can’t kill…faux,

flowers can be incorporated in to any design that you have.