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5 Reasons to Renovate

Our Acadian House Kitchen & Bath designers work with many homeowners  involved in the great debate: “Should we stay in our current home and renovate or list the home and move on?”

Bringing in a design team for fresh eyes on a space, after you have lived in it for years, can bring clarity and insight on why you want to move. Often the solutions are easily achievable and can give you want you want to make you love your home again. Here are our design team’s top five reasons to stay in your current home based on trends in the Baton Rouge market:
1. If you want to build your new home from the ground up, the cost of a lot is significantly more expensive per square foot than when you purchased your home 15 or 20 years ago. And in addition to that, today’s available lots tend to be smaller in size and farther from the heart of the city. New developments with available lots have reached the suburban areas of town, usually less centrally located than your current property.
2. If you want to purchase an existing home in an attractive and easily accessible neighborhood, it is likely dated and needs to be renovated. So in this instance you would be moving away from familiar neighbors and the sense of community with your current home, just to spend renovation dollars anyway.

Before and After
3. Financially you will likely come out ahead by investing renovation dollars in your current home. By staying, you will be eliminating closing costs, moving costs and furnishings needed for a new home. By renovating your existing home, you are investing those dollars to build equity and increase the cost per square foot of your home.
4. You know your home. And, you know what you love about it and what you want to change. So you can probably point out the specific renovations that you want to make to your current floor plan. This customization will make the home work exactly how you envision it. If you move to a new home, you will not yet be familiar with how that home’s functionality meets your family’s needs when you start the construction or renovation.
5. Sentimental value. You have put down roots and history in this home that, even with the most meticulous renovation and design, we simply cannot duplicate in a new home. We cannot add the life to a space that your family has built together over the years.