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Bathroom Design Trends: AIO Mirrors

It is fun to think about what a house will be able to do in the future. Will the walls change colors with your mood? Will the refrigerator place your grocery order? Will the bed make itself? While those features may not be exactly a reality, we are getting closer as home elements get more tech savvy.

While we are thinking space age, let’s talk about mirrors and specifically bathroom mirrors. That doesn’t sound too space age, right? That means you haven’t heard about the AIO Mirror from Robern, one of the newest innovations in bathroom design.

The Acadian House Kitchen and Bath team recently got to check out the AIO Mirror at the 2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Orlando.

Robern mirror

This mirror is a luxury mirror by any standard. Let’s talk about the features:

  • A Bluetooth capable mirror. That’s right a mirror! This means you can turn on your favorite play list to get the day started right or put on some relaxing tunes as you soak in the tube. And, since it is Bluetooth, it is voice command accessible so you can change the song, the artist or even answer the phone without having to lift a finger. So long are the days when you have the volume cranked all the way up on your smart phone, these speakers offer uniform sound technology to cover the room in sound, not just project it.
  • Built in customizable lights. Think about applying make-up. It always looks different in your home bathroom mirror than when you are outside or even in hotel bathrooms with different lighting. The AIO mirror allows you to see your look in a variety of lights. The mirror allows you to change the degree of the light built into the mirror from low, medium to high. Plus, you can adjust it to be a fluorescent, standard or LED glow to make sure you get the best light for you. To control it, simply touch the mirror and the built-in controls illuminate. Did we mention there is a magnifying mirror built in? Yes, so now you are increasing your counter space as well!
  • USB charging ports. There are two built-in USB charging ports on the side of the mirror. So, if you are starting the morning off chatting with your daughter or attending a conference call, you can be plugged in and charging your phone while you finish getting ready in the morning. This is also handy for charging Fitbits or Apple Watches if you are tracking your daily step count. Having the devices charging in the bathroom means that you can get your band in place to capture those steps from the moment you wake-up. There is also a traditional outlet on board the mirror for your blow dryer if you are short on outlet space.
  • Energy saving. These features sound like it would need a good bit of power, right? Nope, this is an energy efficient piece that pairs minimal aesthetics with cost saving measures to help reduce energy consumption to help Mother Nature.


There is so much to explore in the mirror from adjustable interior shelving to top of the line construction that is made in the United States. If you are looking to take the function of your bathroom mirror up a notch, our Acadian House Kitchen and Bath team recommends looking at this new product.