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Bathroom Contractor in Baton Rouge: Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

baton rouge bathroom remodelingOne of the most impactful ways you can change the appearance and function of your bathroom is with a walk-in shower.  Whether your bathroom is large or small, it can likely accommodate a walk-in shower, and with contemporary designs and new aesthetic features, it can completely transform your space.  Walk-in showers offer a luxurious appearance and uncontested comfort.  Here are a few more benefits of opting for a walk-in shower as part of your bathroom remodel.

Spacious, Open Bathroom Design

Walk-in showers do not require a shower curtain or door to block water as a tub or stall shower does.  While prefabricated walk-in showers may feature a curb to contain water, with a custom designed walk-in shower, you have a zero-barrier entry.  These showers are designed with a gently sloping floor that contains the water and can be very beneficial for people with joint or mobility limitations.  Not only do walk-in showers enhance the aesthetic feel of your bathroom, but they also improve its safety as well.

Customized, Expert Bathroom Design

An expert design team will be able to provide you a variety of design options that will work well in the parameters of your bathroom.  Based on the size and shape of the space, and your overall remodeling plan, you and your designers can create the bathroom of your dreams.  Everything from fixtures to tile selection and beyond can be designed to fit your style.  If you have an older home or a more classic taste, you can opt for antique fixtures and a patina appearance in your tiles.  You can also modernize your bathroom with a more contemporary design and color palette as well. 

Comfort and Safety in the Bathroom

Walk-in showers offer a lot more in terms of space and the amenities they can feature when compared to bathtub showers or stall showers.  Showerhead type and placement is a crucial consideration.  There is a wide variety of showerhead options.  They can be designed and installed to blend in with the tile, or stand out as a focal point in the bathroom.  Multiple shower heads can be implemented.  You can combine handheld and stationary heads for more versatility.  They can also be mounted in various positions.  Ceiling mounted showerheads provide a rainfall effect.  Seating and benches of different styles can also be a part of your new shower.  These different elements can all create a relaxing, spa-like environment.

If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom remodel, there are a number of things to consider.  The most important is to select a trusted remodeling and design firm that will work with you, communicate, and offer solutions that meet your needs and wants, as well as providing quality materials and craftsmanship.  For over 40 years the expert designers and builders at Acadian House have been helping homeowners in the Baton Rouge area.

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