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Bathroom Designers and Builders in Baton Rouge: Trends for 2019

bathroom designers baton rougeYou may not pay a lot of thought towards your bathroom, but if you do think about it, it plays a pretty large role in your life.  It’s a place where begin and end your day; but it can be much more than the room where you shower and brush your teeth.  Sure, you can replace towels, hang some art, even touch up the paint; but that won’t necessarily create a fresh, fun, relaxing place that becomes more than just a bathroom to you. 

A new year brings with it new trends and ideas.  This is just as true for bathroom design as it is for new cars, new movies, and new clothes.  For 2019, there are a number of innovations that can transform your bathroom into a brand-new space.  Here are a few.

Recessed Bathroom Shelving

Storage space can be a challenge in any bathroom, especially smaller ones.  This is why recessed shelves are gaining in popularity.  These shelves offer a cleaner look and open up space that can be used in any bathroom, regardless of size or style. 

Exposed Shower Plumbing

While this has typically been a design feature in older or antique homes, it is returning in a more clean and sleek way today.  Exposed hardware and plumbing create an industrial look that pairs well with modern design features.

Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware

Less harsh than black, and without the specificity of brass or gold; pewter and gunmetal finished hardware offers bathroom fixtures both depth and texture.

Artful Bathroom Designs

The bathroom is no longer just a functionable space, there is more emphasis being placed on fashion.  Adding theatrical beauty for a more experiential room is becoming preferred way to not only utilize but display a bathroom.

Gray and White Marble

This material continues to be a popular choice in both kitchens and bathrooms.  Gray and white marble are both classic and modern, complementing traditional and contemporary designs.  Man-made materials like quartz that have a natural look are not only durable but maintain their popularity.

Round Bathroom Fixtures

From circular basins to tapware to the ever-popular round mirror, these shapely fixtures have become more common than ever before. 

Organized Bathroom Storage

Finding a place for everything and keeping everything in its place has never been simpler with new, innovative designs and accessories.  With cabinet pullouts, filler pullouts, hamper storage drawers, and under sink storage, neat and efficient organization has become an important focus for bathroom designers.

If the time has come, or is coming to update and upgrade your bathroom, or bathrooms, the expert design team at Acadian House Kitchen + Bath is here to help Baton Rouge area homeowners.

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