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Baton Rouge Home Design and Renovation: Acadian House to be Featured on 2020 Design Advisory Council

angela poirrier2020 is an end-to-end software for designers. Every designer at Acadian House Design + Renovation uses this state-of-the-art software to create plans and concepts for their clients. Leveraging this technology allows them to help each client envision their new space. It provides an unparalleled technical and aesthetic advantage. 

Angela Poirrier, Owner of Acadian House Design + Renovation, was recently hand selected to be one of twelve designers in the country to be part of the 2020 Design Advisory Council. This yearlong commitment will kick off with a special visit to 2020’s headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, this fall. This is a fantastic opportunity to not only contribute to the program they use daily for design, 3D demonstrations, cabinet bids, and more, but to also gain valuable insight on how to best use this software.

Participating directly with 2020 will deliver access to the newest features and functions, best practices, and details on how to provide the best experiences. This opportunity will also provide resources like the ability to connect with the people that develop the software; meaning any issues or questions can be expedited, further enhancing each client’s experience. 

“We cannot provide for our clients without 2020. They are never surprised by the finished product because they know exactly what it will look like,” says Poirrier. Participating in this advisory council also provides the opportunity to speak with other industry professionals, and firmly establishes Acadian House as experts in their field.

By not only understanding how to use 2020 but by being proficient in it, Acadian House can mitigate much of the stress that homeowners face during a renovation. Having the ability to show each step of the process, allowing the client to see progress and the final result means that the designers can stay ahead of any stressful moments. 

For 40 years, Acadian House has been helping Baton Rouge area homeowners renovate their homes.

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