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Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Baton Rouge: remodeling questions To Ask Yourself

AcadianHouse-InRegister-VH9A3459You wouldn't wake up one day and decide to run a marathon, the same is true when it comes to renovating your kitchen.  While a marathon requires training, accumulating miles, and preparing your body, there are also many steps to take before any walls come down, and cabinets go up. So now that you've asked and answered the 9 general questions to ask yourself before starting a renovation, what's next?  Now you start digging into the details with some more specific questions.

1.How many household members? Are you planning on enlarging your family while living here?

2.How many pets in your household? What Types?

3.Do any frequent guests have physical limitations?

4.Primary Cooks? How many other household members cook?

5.How does the family use the kitchen for meals at home?

6.What are your kitchen dining area requests?

7.Is the kitchen a socializing space?

8.What time of day is your kitchen most frequently used?

9.Do you have any furniture that you want in your kitchen?

10.How would you like the new kitchen to relate to adjacent rooms?

11.Do you entertain frequently?

12.What secondary activities will take place in your kitchen?

13.What is your cycle for shopping for food?

14.What types of products/materials do you purchase at the grocery/specialty store?

15.What type of specialized storage is desired?

16.What small specialty electrical appliances do you use in your kitchen?

17.Do you plan on sorting recyclable trash in your kitchen?


You are now one step closer in your renovation project!  The next step is sorting your needs, wants, and wishes.


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