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Baton Rouge Residential Remodeling: The Importance of Longevity

long time residential renovation and design in Baton RougeBusinesses come and go.  Some leave certain markets, some get absorbed by other companies, some simply close.  No matter the cause, the effect is the same for customers, clients, and patrons of these establishments; and that is if they have a present or future issue with a product or service, they may be out of luck in finding a resolution.

Usually when we think of warranties cars and appliances come to mind.  But services can also be backed by warranties.  There is one catch though, that service provider needs to still be in business at the time you need to leverage your warranty for a repair or replacement.  This is especially true for home renovation design and construction.  So if you’re considering an update or upgrade to you kitchen, bathroom, or any other part of your home, it’s important to look at the longevity and reputation of the firm you choose.

Acadian House Design + Renovation is celebrating their 40th year in business.  While that is a significant milestone, it is also a testament the quality of their work, their dedication to their clients, and their commitment to the industry.  Now under second generation husband and wife ownership, this home renovation company stands behind their work.  Should a current or past client have any needs after their project is complete, Acadian house has been there, will be there, and plans to be there in the future.

Reputation, experience, longevity, and foresight are all key ingredients for selecting your next design and renovation team for your home.  Acadian House has all of the above and more, providing the premier, contemporary, quality design and contracting solutions that Baton Rouge needs.     

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