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Baton Rouge Residential Remodeling: What Can You Expect to Get from Your Designers?

residential remodelingRemodeling your home is a big decision.  In terms of time, money, comfort, and convenience, you have a lot of things to consider.  What part of your home would you like to address?  What do you want to be changed?  How do you want it to be changed?  These are important questions, and the answers may not be that easy to communicate.  This is why the design consultation with your remodeler is such an essential part of the process.  It’s during this consultation that these questions and more will be answered.  Working with a highly skilled, experienced design team can help you discover options that you may have been unaware of and find solutions to problems you didn’t know you had, creating a design that meets your needs. 

However, just like a doctor doesn’t diagnose a patient for free, after your initial consultation many designers will charge a nominal fee for the creation of a customized design package.  And, as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.  Of course, before you make any commitment, you will want to know what to expect, what services are included, and what your design package will include.

Acadian House Kitchen + Bath Design maintains a firm commitment to excellence in design for their clients and includes the following services in their design package.

Preliminary Designs

o    Drafted plans.  Up to three design solutions, including digital floor plans, elevations, and 3D perspectives presented in black and white.

o    Discussions about revisions and potential outline possibilities.

o    Product selections.  During this phase, the designers will guide you through the different product selections that fit your budget, style, and needs.

Final Plans

o    Floor plans to scale.

o    Elevation to scale.

o    Perspectives in black and white.

Project Specifications and Pricing

o    Review of the project specifications and pricing for design and installation.

o    Discussion of the project's time frame and contract details.

This design package covers each step of your customized remodeling plan and process from start to finish.  The best part is that once completed and paid for; you own this information and these designs.  If you are considering a remodel, the expert team of designers and contractors at Acadian House Kitchen + Bath Design have been helping Baton Rouge area homeowners for over 40 years.

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