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Five Tips to Spot Quality Cabinets

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Yes we are all worried about our bank account. It is normal. When you are looking to make a significant investment into your car or home it is natural to want to shop around. And, when you do you will find many different price points and options. But if a price or product seems too good to be true, isn’t it usually?

Determining to renovate your kitchen is a major investment not only in your home but also in your life. Don’t you want to know that you are putting your money into quality materials? Well Acadian House is going to tell you some insider tips on what to look for when you are cabinet shopping.

It is a fact that there are many places around town to get cabinets. That is no secret. But what is a secret is how to tell what is a good, quality cabinet and what just looks good on the outside. Most likely what you have in your kitchen prior to renovation is a traditional shop cabinet that is mass produced. If you are going to make the investment in your kitchen then you want to know that you money is going for quality.


Five Tips to Spot Quality Cabinets

  • Dovetail drawer guides
  • The drawer front is independent from the drawer
  • Finished cabinet interiors
  • Exterior finish process is baked on and not sprayed.
  • Precise cuts of exact measurements within one one-thousandth of an inch.

These characteristics will help to spot what cabinet that will provide lasting beauty in your home looks like. Consider this list the technology of cabinet making in today’s world.

However, keep in mind that when you are buying quality that you are going to want the cabinet maker to invest time in to the product. You want them to take a few weeks perfecting the finish through the 25 layer baking method and not just spraying on two layers of paint and calling the job done. If the cabinet shop can get it to you in a week, you are most likely not looking at a truly custom job.

The benefit a truly custom cabinet that each cabinet project is started when you place the order meaning backordering is never an issue because each cabinet is made per project. Quality cabinets are not pulled off of a shelf. They are hand sanded and machine cut.

You are also going to want the install process to be just as detailed. Just slapping cabinets up on the wall will not give you the custom, artesian appearance that creates that magazine feel that our clients are looking for. With quality cabinets each drawer front is a separate piece from the drawer itself. That means that once the cabinets are installed they can be custom adjusted to create a seamless piece.

A feature often over looked is the interior. Making sure that the interior is finished will help keep up the durability of your cabinets. For example if something is spilled and unfinished interior will absorb the spill trapping that in your cabinets. If your cabinet interior is finished then clean up should be super easy and will not leave a permanent trace in your cabinetry.

But, the best feature of quality cabinets is that they invite creativity. They offer features that can make your entertaining or cooking pure perfection.

And when you purchase quality cabinets, you are purchasing a warranty. Not a temporary warranty but a lifetime of the cabinet creator standing behind their product because they have faith in what they made.

Good luck on your cabinet search!