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Flood Damage renovation in Baton Rouge: Tips for renovation After Water Damage

Flood Damage Remodeling in Baton Rouge: Tips for Your Renovation After Water DamageUnfortunately, flooding can be an all-too-often occurrence in our part of the world.  Between hurricane season, the random summertime deluge, and drainage problems; what makes south Louisiana a unique place, can also make it a wet one.  Whether we are talking about the historic flooding of 2016, water damage from a leaking roof, or sporadic flash flooding; how you go about repairing and restoring your home is an important process.

After fires, floods are the most damaging natural disasters that can impact your home.  However, floods are more common than fires.  Here are some easy steps to follow when it comes to renovating your home after a flood.

Remove the Water from Your Home

This sounds like an obvious one, but the faster the water is removed from you home the better.  Mold and other unhealthy organisms can begin to form the longer the water sits.  Use pumps, buckets, squeezes and fans to remove all of the water.  There are also companies that you can hire to tend to the water and the damage it has caused.

Test Your Home for Mold

Mold spores can develop and spread throughout your home after it’s been exposed to moisture.  Drywall, carpet, and other fixtures are all susceptible to mold.  Before your repairs and renovations begin you should have your home tested and treated for mold. 

Remove All Water Damaged Material

Everything the water touched needs to be removed from your home.  Carpet and other flooring, drywall, furniture, insulation, and anything else that was exposed or submerged needs to go. 

Hire a Professional Home Renovation Design & Contracting Company

Now that water and damaged materials have been removed, mold has been tested and treated, it’s time to put everything back together.  The silver lining of renovating after flood damage is the opportunity to make some updates and upgrades.  You should strongly consider an experienced renovation company.  A local design and construction team should have substantial experience in flood and water damage, and be able to make the best recommendations for your situation.

For over 40 years the experts at Acadian House Kitchen + Bath have been helping homeowners make their dream spaces come true.  Whether it’s a planned remodel or recovery after a disaster, Acadian House’s team of experienced designers and builders are here to help.

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