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Home Renovation in Baton Rouge: 2019 Parade of Homes to Feature Remodels

Each year the Home Builders Association of Greater Baton Rouge presents the Parade of Homes.  Spanning two weekends in April, this event provides the opportunity to tour the newest homes and communities in the Baton Rouge area. This year’s parade...

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8 kitchen remodeling trends in Baton rouge [infographic]

If 2019 is the year you decide to remodel your home's kitchen, there are a number of new trends and styles you need to be aware of. From updated storage and organization options to enhanced materials, technology, and designs; kitchens today can...

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Bathroom Designers and Builders in Baton Rouge: Trends for 2019

You may not pay a lot of thought towards your bathroom, but if you do think about it, it plays a pretty large role in your life.  It’s a place where begin and end your day; but it can be much more than the room where you shower and brush your...

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Kitchen Redesign Products: 8 Trends for Baton Rouge for 2019

Designs change and evolve through the years.  Whether it’s fashion, architecture, or engineering; better methods and fresh ideas create new ways of doing things and improved versions of older concepts.  This is especially true when it comes ...

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Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Baton Rouge: Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

Cloth or leather?  Paper or plastic? Digital or vinyl?  We have a lot of options when it comes to the types of materials we use and prefer for different purposes.  Be it the interior of your car, your grocery bag, or how you enjoy your favorite...

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The Next Generation Assumes Ownership at Acadian House

Since 1979, Mike and Kathy Simoneaux have been building a business that serves the Baton Rouge community through thoughtful design and quality work. After 38 years in the business, the husband and wife duo have decided to hang up their hardhats...

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Bathroom Design Trends: AIO Mirrors

It is fun to think about what a house will be able to do in the future. Will the walls change colors with your mood? Will the refrigerator place your grocery order? Will the bed make itself? While those features may not be exactly a reality, we...

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Let’s get real: Rethink your renovation to manage expectations

by CHRISTINA LEO, InRegister

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Rebuilding Baton Rouge: Focus Shifts from Cleanup to Construction (InRegsiter)

For hours, Kristie Overstreet and her family carried what they could upstairs: picture frames, small pieces of furniture, rugs, books, family heirlooms. They emptied under beds, picked up closet floors and stacked chairs on countertops to keep as...

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5 Reasons to Renovate

Our Acadian House Kitchen & Bath designers work with many homeowners  involved in the great debate: “Should we stay in our current home and renovate or list the home and move on?”

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