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Residential Remodel in Baton Rouge: Complete Home Renovation Reveal

home makeover revealIt’s one thing to witness an edited and narrated home renovation on HGTV; it’s another to have the opportunity to walk through one in your own backyard. While it’s fun to watch the decision-making, design options, and the before-and-after comparisons on Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop, these reality shows are far from reality. Weeks, even months, of work is condensed down to 40 minutes, meaning that your tv viewing is whisked from one area to another, without the ability to get a real feel for all that went into the project. Furthermore, depending on the show, other considerations may be prioritized, like a return on investment. In this case, the perspective you get is from that of the investor, not someone who will be using and living in the space. Another major difference is the cost of the renovations on these shows compared to the true cost of a home makeover. Of course, these shows are entertaining nonetheless and provide a look inside home design and renovation; but what if you could experience it firsthand? 

It is for this very reason that Acadian House Design + Renovation is completely renovating a home at 725 High Plains in Baton Rouge. The inspiration to first do and present a full home renovation came in 2010, as a way to provide a different, more immersive experience than a showroom can offer. While a showroom can display all of the latest products, it’s impossible to capture the feeling of being at “home”, without being in a home. Beginning with the first renovated home in Shenandoah in 2011, the home on High Plains will be Acadian House’s fifth project that offers the Baton Rouge community the real experience of a home renovation.

When you visit this home on October 20th, you will have complete access to explore and experience each facet of the renovation. Open and close drawers and cabinets, walk across the flooring, talk to the designers and contractors. This home will be designed with the client in mind. Touring this home will offer real insight into the renovation process.

This project features opening up walls, aging-in-place elements, and color palette trends in expectation of 2020. Some aging-in-place aspects that will be built include wider doorways and a zero-entry shower; each of which provides an enhanced level of comfort and convenience. The tiles, backsplashes, and overall theme of this home are Modern Acadian, keeping the taste and style of Baton Rouge in mind. One of the best opportunities during these events, especially if you are considering a renovation, is to be able to discuss with the designers why and how they chose the different design elements of the home, and how much they cost.  One thing that sets Acadian House apart is that they are an all-in-one organization where the designers are the contractors, providing a unique, streamlined experience.

Join us on October 20th for the big reveal of the project at 725 High Plains in Baton Rouge, and experience a home renovation firsthand.