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Residential Remodeling Contractor: The Big Box Store Disadvantage

Baton Rouge home remodelingBig box stores offer the convenience of one-stop shopping.  Even in the age of Amazon and other online subscription-based shopping services, it’s hard not to find yourself in massive brick-and-mortar building shopping for everything from food to clothes to electronics and more, all under one roof.  Just as traditional consumer goods are available at massive warehouses equipped with shopping carts and cash registers, the home-improvement sector has similar options.  In recent years these giant, national chains have expanded their offerings from hardware, lumber, and tools to include services like installation, repairs, and remodeling.  While it may seem convenient to have your kitchen or bathroom remodeled by professionals that work at the same place you buy nails, paint, shelves, and mulch; the bargain you expect could be much less than you bargained for.  Here are a few reasons to consider a residential remodeling specialist over a big box option.

While both choices offer an all-in-one experience, which can be ideal over arranging individual contractors and vendors for each element of your remodel, you’ll find that big box stores can be limited in terms of selection.  So, if your dream kitchen or bathroom calls for rare, exotic, or expertly curated materials, you may be out of luck and left to choose from what’s on the shelf.  This is an advantage that a specialized residential remodeler has.  You can visit their showroom and they can leverage the direct relationships they have with suppliers to select precisely what you want.

The level of expertise is another critical distinction between kitchen and bath design specialists and big box store employees.  You know you are hiring highly educated, trained, and experienced designers and builders.  You will have a team of experts at your disposal to make recommendations and create solutions, ensure you get exactly what you need and what you want.  While a big box store associate may have the experience or been through training of some sort, it will be hard to challenge the skill and resources of licensed interior designers and contractors.

It is also difficult for big box stores to replicate the amount of time and attention to detail of an independent residential remodeler.  The size and scope of their operation make it impossible for them to spend the same amount of time answering questions, making recommendations, and negotiating any unforeseen challenges along the way.  Remodeling any part of your home is a significant decision and investment, and it deserves the highest amount of personal attention possible.

When it comes to weekend chores and honey-do lists, big box stores provide a convenient and economical service.  However, when it comes to remodeling your home and the decisions and investments that are involved, trusting an experienced, professional, dedicated residential design and remodeling firm offers everything you need to deliver the results you want.  For over 40 years Acadian House Kitchen + Bath has been helping homeowners in Baton Rouge recreate and build the spaces of their dreams.

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