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The Next Generation Assumes Ownership at Acadian House

Since 1979, Mike and Kathy Simoneaux have been building a business that serves the Baton Rouge community through thoughtful design and quality work. After 38 years in the business, the husband and wife duo have decided to hang up their hardhats and begin living the retired life.

With more free time on their hands, the couple plans to finally finish their home renovation, a project that has been in progress since the flood in 2016. They put off the renovation of their personal home to help the Baton Rouge community. When that is complete, they will put their focus on traveling and spending time with their grandkids. With Mike and Kathy’s legacy firmly embedded in the company, an exciting transition into next-generation leadership is taking place at Acadian House.

In October, Mike and Kathy’s daughter, Angela, and her husband, Joey, purchased the business and have decided to continue growing the company as a second-generation husband and wife duo. Over the last six years, Angela has been working hard to prepare herself for this new chapter under the guidance of her parents.

“Being able to grow up in the business gave me an advantage that Mike and Kathy didn’t have,” says Angela. “We are proud of them for remaining open for all those years, especially through all of the ups and downs that come with managing your own company.”

Acadian House runs on the collaboration of a talented team that Angela herself has put together over the years. Angela is confident that the fundamentals and skills developed from working in the kitchen and bath industry mixed with Joey’s extensive background in finance will carry over into their professional lives to create a fluid and seamless transition for the company.

“If Mike and Kathy had not successfully managed the business, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” says Joey. “When Angela came back to work for Acadian House in the summer of 2010, she and her parents put a structured process into place that gave a new life to the business. We are excited to continue modifying those processes to improve the company’s efficiency.”

Angela will continue expressing her creativity and applying her knowledge of the renovation world as Owner/Designer. At her side, Joey will be overseeing all financial and operational decisions as Owner/CFOO. Together, they plan to encourage a company environment that is enjoyable to the employees and stress-free for their clients.

Angela and Joey Poirrier