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Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Aging in Place

Aging in Place is a term that no one really wants to talk about. But really it is about living comfortably and safely in your home. So it is regardless of age, not just for getting old. It is about adapting your house to your current living situation. For instance, when you had small children you childproofed the cabinets and put baby locks on the stairs. The focus was on safety. There is nothing different about this. Now you are just focusing on the increased safety risks and required changes to make sure you continue to be comfortable in your home.

If you are considering Aging in Place or talking with your parents about the topic, here are the top 5 cases for support from the Acadian House Kitchen & Bath design team.

1.It is not about growing old, it is about aging gracefully.  Don’t let your fear of being considered old actually make you old. You may be in tip top health currently, but one little fall can completely change your health outlook. By reducing fall risks within your house now, you are actually making yourself more youthful and your quality of life better.

2. Independence. In our country this is a right, but if you are struggling to get around and manage your house on your own, your children may question your independence. A senior home or assisted living may seem like the better option, but don’t let them steer you down that avenue. Some simple adjustments to your door frames, addition of grab bars, and making adjustments to your cabinet heights can preserve your independence.
3. Easier on Your Children. Your kids have enough on their plates already between their jobs, their own kids and the daily responsibilities. Don’t back them into a corner by adding your care to the list. If your home is appropriate for you, then they can worry less and focus on their already really long list of priorities.
4. Keep your piggy bank fat. Senior care facilities can cost substantially more than Aging in Place renovations. While you will see the costs upfront for Aging in Place renovations, your children can keep their inheritance because you won’t have the substantial monthly fees associated with a senior care facility.
5. It is time for a renovation anyway. When is the last time you did renovation work to your house anyway? Are the floors from when your kids were in high school? Have the cabinets seen better days? If you are thinking along those lines, you probably need to do some investing in your home to update it anyway. Some simple and understated Aging in Place design ideas can both update the look of your house and make it safer for you birthday after birthday.

If you found yourself relating to Acadian House’s cases for support of Aging in Place, then you may want to consider scheduling an in-home consultation. A consultation with our team will not make you a senior citizen but it can help you along on the path of graceful living.