Creating Kitchen Envy


When your passion and livelihood are centered around cooking, teaching, and entertaining, remodeling your kitchen takes on an entirely new definition.  Appliances, counter space, shelving and storage are only the tip of the iceberg.  When it comes to considerations like filming angles and live demonstrations, design and layout priorities outweigh your common aesthetic desires, which presents some unique challenges.  These considerations are why Baton Rouge's culinary celebrity, Jay Ducote of Bite and Booze and Next Food Network Star fame, chose to work with Acadian House Kitchen + Bath Design to remodel his 1970's era kitchen.

Ducote's home was built nearly 50 years ago, and as was the architectural style then he was left to manage closed-in rooms, structurally defined areas, and a lack of space that today's open floorplans offer; making his entertaining and educating efforts difficult.  While he had a vision of what he wanted for his home, specifically his kitchen, there were a couple of critical pieces of the plan that were not optional.

The most pressing challenge was how to situate the kitchen's cooktop away from the walls bordering the kitchen.  Your typical kitchen, even in a modern redesign, has the cooktop adjacent to a wall.  This positioning makes it difficult, if not impossible, to film, instruct, and entertain.  Keeping your back and voice to an audience was not an option for Ducote in his new kitchen.  Another obstacle was the fact that his cooktop could not have a hood hanging from the ceiling.  The same objectives of filming, teaching, and entertaining made a centrally located, flush mount hood for the cooktop was the key consideration for what would become the focal point of his home and business.  

Ducote communicated his ideas with the design experts at Acadian House.  They took him step-by-step on what would, and wouldn't work, keeping his goals and vision in mind.  Ducote's needs equaled: an open floor plan, expanded storage and shelving, enhanced counter space, and the aforementioned cooktop configuration. 

Acadian House provided several design options that met each of Ducote's needs, including working from a predetermined color palette that helped designer Adele Merchant to make selections for the flooring, backsplash and other aesthetic features of his new kitchen. 

The finished project has resulted in a severe case of "kitchen envy" for Ducote's guests.  What once was a formal dining room, small kitchen, and breakfast nook, is now a state-of-the-art kitchen that opens into Ducote's conference room.  "I'm absolutely in love with my kitchen; it's impressive."



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